Stream/Chat Contains Adult Content
There will be no censorship for younger viewers. We cuss, we draw dicks, and we talk about some immature shit.

No Douchebags
Seriously. Be friendly or take a hike.

Chat Subjects
Talk about what you want, but if I ask you to change the subject, do it.

I will not click links unless you explain what it is before I do. I'm rarely in the mood to watch a youtube video while streaming, or look at something disturbing.

No, I wont let you know when I'm broadcasting your commission.
This takes time out of my day to find the patron send them a email/note that they might not even get in time. Very sorry. I usually announce I am streaming on my deviantART journal and sometimes on other art websites and social media.

No I wont wait for you to be online so you can watch
I try do my commissions when I have the available time. I have a full schedule and can't afford to put a hold on commissions and must do them as I can.

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